Judy E.Thomas, Treasurer          
Sara Hoog, Deputy Treasurer

55 So. 3rd Street, Rm.5
Ste. Genevieve, MO  63670

Phone: 573-883-3000
Fax:      573-883-5312

The County Treasurer is an elected position (4 year term).  Judy E. Thomas has served as
Ste. Genevieve County Treasurer since 1987.  As Treasurer, she is the custodian of all County funds.  She takes care of maintenance of financial and other records of importance to County citizens.  The primary task is careful accounting of revenues and expenditures and allocation of each to the proper fund.   Her job is to utilize and maximize public funds and is responsible for the safety and prudent investment of County monies.  

Judy belongs to the Missouri County Treasurers' Association.  The purpose of the MCTA is to bring about a closer and more cooperative relationship among Missouri's County Treasurers, and to afford opportunities for its members; to obtain a broader and more practical knowledge of the duties and powers of their offices; to study and discuss questions and laws relating to their offices; to thoroughly investigate any contemplated legislation that in any way affects the office of County Treasurer; and to strive at all times to give to the office of County Treasurer the high standing among the county offices of the State.  

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